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Waxahachie, TX nicknamed “the gingerbread city” is a very historic town that is known for its beautiful Victorian style and gingerbread style homes, as well as the very uniquely designed county courthouse.  With such unique styles and architecture, Waxahachie residents need a roofer that can match the beauty and style of their home.  That ‘s why Accent Roofing has been providing quality roofing services in Waxahachie since 1980, and continues to do so today.

As a top notch Waxahachie roofing contractor, Accent Roofing provides both residential and commercial roofing services.  From small repairs to complete re-roofs, Accent Roofing can do the job. 

Waxahachie Residential Roofing

The most common type of residential roofing installed in Waxahachie today is composition shingles. Composition shingles are an asphalt based product that are coated with granuals to give them different colors and shades. They come in a basic 3-tab style, an architectural style (designed to emulate wood shingles), as well as many other specialty shingles. Composition shingles have proven to be a reliable and cost effective roofing product. However many Waxahachie homeowners have chosen to go with alternative roofing products such as metal roofing, tile roofing, slate roofing, as well as a number of other specialty products. With so many products to chose from you need a Waxahachie roofing company that can help you determine the right product for your home. Accent Roofing, with 35+ years of experience doing both roof repairs and roof replacements in Waxahachie, can do just that. So call us at 469-458-9399, click the button to request a quote, or return to our homepage for more info

Waxahachie Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing can be tricky.  With little to no slope on many roofs, expensive air conditioners and other equipment on the roof, and a valuable business underneath, hiring a roofing contractor who just wants to “throw some tar on it” is a risk many Waxahachie businesses can’t afford to take.  Accent Roofing is a Waxahachie commercial roofing contractor that understands how different roofing systems are designed to operate and knows how to make proper commercial roof repairs.  Or, if you are looking to put on a new roof, we can do that as well.  Plus, with so many commercial roofing products to choose from, you need a qualified Waxahachie commercial roofer that understands what will work best for you within your budget.  Call us today at 469-458-9399, click the button above to request a quote, or return to our homepage for more information.

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